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Translation Policy

Paris Independent School District


Translation Policy



Paris ISD will take practicable steps to ensure that parents, guardians, and others English Learners have access and equal opportunity to important school information.  Information will be provided in an understandable and uniform format, and to the extent practicable, in a language that parents/guardians can understand [Section 1112(e)(4); 114(b)(4); 1116(e)(5); 1116(f)].


Types of Translation Available:

Language assistance will be provided through bilingual staff interpreters, written translated materials and documents, and technology-assisted translation capabilities including the district website, automated parent notification system, and digital applications such as Smore.


Data Used to Determine Translation Needs:

Paris ISD will conduct annual review of the language access needs of our parents, guardians, and others through review of the Home Language Surveys, language preference surveys for written communications, and educator, parent and student feedback and requests.  

Based on this analysis, our district has determined that we will provide written and oral translations in Spanish. 


Documents/Information to be Translated:

The District and Campus Improvement Plans and the Parent Family Engagement written policies will be available in written format in Spanish and available upon request via an interpreter or via website translation capability in other languages as needed.

Written parent newsletters from the Parent Family Engagement State-Wide Initiative will be provided to parents/guardians in the identified language(s) provided by the state.

The School-Parent Compact will be translated in written form in Spanish.  The School-Parent Compact will be translated upon request via an interpreter or via website translation capability in other languages as needed.

Other communications will be translated in writing as often as possible and orally in Spanish upon request.



On an ongoing basis, Paris ISD will assess changes in demographics, types of services or other needs that may require reevaluation of this procedure.  In addition, Paris ISD will regularly assess the efficacy of these procedures used for the delivery of language assistance.