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Grade 3 - ELA

pdfPurpose and Use pdfReading pdfRF.3.3a Affix Games and Cards pdfRF.3.3a Affix Review Cards pdfRF.3.3b Latin Suffix Review Cards pdfRF.3.3b Suffix Stars pdfRF.3.3c Syllable Word Strips pdfRF.3.3d Rule-Breaker Spelling Cards pdfRF.3.4a Book Selection and Summary Guide pdfRF.3.4b Hot Cold Reads Graph pdfRF.3.4b Sample Fluency Rubric pdfRI.3.1 Small Group Participation Rubric pdfRI.3.1 Student Observation Checklist pdfRI.3.2 Key Details Graphic Organizer pdfRI.3.2 Key Details pdfRI.3.4 What Do I Do Bookmark pdfRI.3.4 Word Search Sprint Sample pdfRI.3.5 Text Feature Collage and Rubric pdfRI.3.6 Resource Research Organizer pdfRI.3.7 Editing Checklist pdfRI.3.7 Illustrated Information Rubric pdfRI.3.7 Information Organizer pdfRI.3.7 Revision Checklist pdfRI.3.8 Connection Cards pdfRI.3.9 Right to the Point Organizer pdfRI.3.10 Section Summary Chart pdfRI.3.10 Vocabulary Word Organizer pdfRL.3.1 Character Press Conf Rubric - Char Role pdfRL.3.1 Character Press Conf Rubric - Reporter Role pdfRL.3.1 Student Observation Checklist pdfRL.3.2 Folklore Grid pdfRL.3.2 Storytelling Fair Rubric pdfRL.3.4 Word Wizard page pdfRL.3.3 Character Poster pdfRL.3.6 From My View organizer pdfRL.3.7 Picture This pdfRL.3.9 Small Group Participation Rubric pdfRL.3.9 Super Series Final Chart Sample pdfRL.3.9 Super Series Graphic Organizer pdfRL.3.9 Super Series Newscast Rubric pdfRL.3.10 Chapter Chart pdfRL.3.10 Character Chart pdfWriting pdfW.3 Editing Checklist pdfW.3 General Writing Process Rubric pdfW.3 General Writing Rubric pdfW.3 Revision Checklist pdfW.3 Small Group Participation Rubric pdfW.3 Student Observation Checklist pdfW.3.1a Persuasive Introduction Samples pdfW.3.1a Persuasive Primer Brainstorming pdfW.3.1a Persuasive Primer Rubric pdfW.3.1b My Opinion Matters Page pdfW.3.1b My Opinion Matters Prewriting pdfW.3.1b Small Group Participation Rubric pdfW.3.1c Link It Up Group Activity pdfW.3.1c Link It Up Sample pdfW.3.1c Link It Up Word Cards pdfW.3.1d Choose Your Ending Group Page pdfW.3.1d Choose Your Ending Rubric pdfW.3.2 Seeking Knowledge Checklist pdfW.3.2b Action Plan pdfW.3.2c Missing Link text pdfW.3.3a 5Ws Organizer pdfW.3.3a Timeline Organizer pdfW.3.3b Dialog Skits Activity pdfW.3.3b Sentence Stretchers pdfW.3.3c Put it Together Activity Page pdfW.3.3d This is the End Activity cards pdfW.3.8 Nifty Notes Organizer pdfW.3.10 A Variety of Writing pdfSpeaking and Listening pdfEditing Checklist pdfGeneral Writing Process Rubric pdfGeneral Writing Rubric pdfRevision Checklist pdfSL.3 Student Observation Checklist pdfSL.3.1d Quality Question Poster pdfSL.3.2 Listening Bug pdfSL.3.3 Biography Show Rubric pdfSL.3.4 Student of the Week Speech Rubric pdfSL.3.5 Audio Book Buddy Rubric pdfLanguage pdfL.3 General Writing Process Rubric pdfL.3 General Writing Rubric pdfL.3 Small Group Participation Rubric pdfL.3 Student Observation Checklist pdfL.3.1a Know Your Parts of Speech Song pdfL.3.1a Parts of Speech Cards pdfL.3.1a Party Observation Rubric pdfL.3.1b Nature Walk Form pdfL.3.1c It's Not Abstract To Me Guidelines pdfL.3.1c Noun Grid pdfL.3.1c Parts of Speech Word Cards pdfL.3.1d Varsity Verbs Game pdfL.3.1e Verb Tense Chart pdfL.3.1f Buddies Agree Sentence Strips pdfL.3.1g Great Graphing Evaluation Form pdfL.3.1h Conjunction Relay Sentences pdfL.3.1h Coordinating Conjunction Cards pdfL.3.1h Subordinating Conjunction Cards pdfL.3.1i Sentence Smasher Board Activity pdfL.3.1i Sentence Smasher Sentence Strips pdfL.3.2c Dynamite Dialog Sample pdfL.3.2d That's Mine Possessive Page pdfL.3.2e Suffix Spelldown Game pdfL.3.2f Base Word Bash Game pdfL.3.2f Syllable Celebration Game pdfL.3.2f Wild Word Ending Game pdfL.3.2f Word Family Frenzy Game pdfL.3.2f Write Spelling Observation Checklist pdfL.3.2g How Do I Look It Up If I Don't Know How Poster pdfL.3.3a Word Choice Challenge Group Activity pdfL.3.4a Context Craziness pdfL.3.4b Affix Ant Run Board Game pdfL.3.4b Affix Review Cards pdfL.3.4b Affix Roll Relay pdfL.3.4b Dice Templates pdfL.3.4c Root Word Match-up Cards pdfL.3.4c Word Detective Cards pdfL.3.4c Word Detective Page pdfL.3.5a Cartoon Confusion pdfL.3.5b Character Qualities Brainstorming pdfL.3.5b In Real Life Page pdfL.3.5b Setting Description Brainstorming pdfL.3.5c How Certain is the Author pdfL.3.6 Building Blocks Rubric pdfL.3.6 Following Directions Sample pdf3rd - 5th Bibliography pdf3rd - 5th Websites pdfEditing Checklist pdfGeneral Writing Process Rubric pdfGeneral Writing Rubric pdfRevision Checklist pdfSmall Group Participation Rubric pdfStudent Observation Checklist