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Grade 3 - Math

pdf pdfPurpose and Use pdfOperations and Algebraic Thinking pdf3.OA.1 Groups and Groups Oh My worksheet pdf3.OA.1 Hooray for Arrays worksheet pdf3.OA.2 Division Detectives Cards pdf3.OA.2 Finding the Unknown Cards pdf3.OA.2 Finding the Unknown Word Problem examples pdf3.OA.3 Division Word Problem Cards pdf3.OA.3 Multiplication Word Problem Cards pdf3.OA.3 Show Me the Answer-Division pdf3.OA.3 Show Me the Answer-Multiplication pdf3.OA.3 Tic-Tac-Math Answer Key pdf3.OA.3 Tic-Tac-Math Exit Slip 1 & 2 pdf3.OA.3 Tic-Tac-Math Game Board pdf3.OA.3 Tic-Tac-Math Game Cards pdf3.OA.3 Travel Around the Room with Division Resources pdf3.OA.3 Travel Around the Room with Multiplication Resources pdf3.OA.4 Multiplication Table pdf3.OA.5 Multiplication Made Easy Resources pdf3.OA.5 Multiplication Made Easy Student Note Example pdf3.OA.5 Multiplication Made Easy Worksheet pdf3.OA.5 Breaking X Down Worksheet pdf3.OA.6 Division Team Challenge Question Cards pdf3.OA.7 Division Clothespin Problems pdf3.OA.7 Division Match Up Resources pdf3.OA.7 Division Quotient Cards pdf3.OA.8 I Need an Equation worksheet pdf3.OA.8 Plot That Answer Cards pdf3.OA.8 Plot That Answer Rubric pdf3.OA.9 Finding Patterns Sums & Products worksheet pdf3.OA.9 Odd and Even Prediction Cards pdf3.OA.9 Addition and Multiplication Tables pdf3.OA.9 What's My Rule Answer Key pdf3.OA.9 What's My Rule Game Cards pdf3.OA.9 What's My Rule worksheet pdfNumber and Operations in Base Ten pdf3.NBT.1 Rounding Champion worksheet pdf3.NBT.1 Rounding Master Game Board pdf3.NBT.3 Multiplying Multiples worksheet pdfNumber and Operations - Fractions pdf3.NF.1 Example Student Notes pdf3.NF.1 Fraction Bingo Caller Cards pdf3.NF.1 Fraction Bingo Game Board Pieces pdf3.NF.1 Fraction Bingo Game Board pdf3.NF.1 Fraction Exit Slip pdf3.NF.1 Fraction Poster Example pdf3.NF.1 Fractions Are Fun Example Student Notes pdf3.NF.1 Fractions Are Fun worksheet pdf3.NF.2a Fraction Bars Examples pdf3.NF.2a Number Lines Rubric pdf3.NF.2a Number Lines Task Cards pdf3.NF.2b Fraction Memory Card Set pdf3.NF.2b Fraction Memory Number Lines pdf3.NF.2b Fraction Number Lines worksheet pdf3.NF.3a Are Those Fractions Equal worksheet pdf3.NF.3a Fraction War Card Set pdf3.NF.3a Pizza Swap Resources pdf3.NF.3a Pizza Swap Template pdf3.NF.3a Pizza Swap worksheet pdf3.NF.3b Equivalent Fractions Find Resources pdf3.NF.3b Equivalent Fractions worksheet pdf3.NF.3b Fraction Number Line pdf3.NF.3b Fraction Puzzle Template pdf3.NF.3c Whole Number Fractions worksheet pdf3.NF.3d Common Denominator Cards pdf3.NF.3d Common Denominator Exit Slip pdf3.NF.3d Common Denominator Fractions Resources pdf3.NF.3d Common Numerator Answer Key pdf3.NF.3d Common Numerator Cards pdf3.NF.3d Common Numerator Game Board pdfMeasurement and Data pdf3.MD.1 Telling Time Master worksheet pdf3.MD.1 Where Did Time Go worksheet pdf3.MD.2 Mystery Mass worksheet pdf3.MD.2 Varying Volume worksheet pdf3.MD.3 Creating Graphs Checklist pdf3.MD.3 Creating Graphs Rubric pdf3.MD.3 Tally Chart Example pdf3.MD.3 Tiger Math Graph Review Questions pdf3.MD.4 Line Plot Example pdf3.MD.4 Measuring Maniac Task Sheet pdf3.MD.4 Measuring to the Quarter Inch worksheet pdf3.MD.5a Geoboard Paper pdf3.MD.5b Exploring Area Posters pdf3.MD.5b Rectangle Area worksheet pdf3.MD.5b Rectangle Templates pdf3.MD.5b Tanagram Template pdf3.MD.6 Imposter Cards A B and C pdf3.MD.6 Who is the Imposter worksheet pdf3.MD.7a Exploring a Formula for Area Exit Slip pdf3.MD.7a Finding Area worksheet pdf3.MD.7b Measurement Problem Template pdf3.MD.7b Measurement Word Problems Task Cards pdf3.MD.7b Measurement Word Problems worksheet pdf3.MD.7c Finding Area Distributive Property worksheet pdf3.MD.7d Irregular Figures Card Set pdf3.MD.7d Area Person Example pdf3.MD.7d Area Person worksheet pdf3.MD.8 Dot Paper pdf3.MD.8 Perimeter Word Problem Cards pdf3.MD.8 Relating Perimeter and Area worksheet pdf3.MD.8 Show Me the Answer! worksheet pdf3.MD.8 Travel Around the Room with Perimeter Resources pdfGeometry pdf3.G.1 Comparing Shapes worksheet pdf3.G.1 Quadrilateral Query Exit Slip pdf3.G.1 Quadrilateral Shapes Posters pdf3.G.2 Geoboard Geometry Exit Slip pdf3.G.2 Geoboard Geometry worksheet pdf3.G.2 Partitioning Posters Rubric pdf8 Mathematical Practices