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Grade 4 - Math

pdfPurpose and Use pdfOperations & Algebraic Thinking pdf4.OA.1 Groupings in Life Chart pdf4.OA.1 Multiplication Poetry worksheet pdf4.OA.1 Multiplication Poster Sample pdf4.OA.1 Multiplication Table pdf4.OA.2 Multiplication Chart pdf4.OA.2 Multiplication Model Sample pdf4.OA.2 Multiplication Model worksheet pdf4.OA.2 Station Sample Questions pdf4.OA.2 Tape Diagram Example pdf4.OA.3 Partial Product Area Model pdf4.OA.3 Party Planner Activity Sheet pdf4.OA.3 Party Planner KEY pdf4.OA.3 Warming Up with Rs worksheet pdf4.OA.4 Factor Game pdf4.OA.5 Builder Worksheet pdf4.OA.5 Graph Paper pdf4.OA.5 Next Worksheet pdf4.OA.5 Pattern Worksheet pdf4.OA.5 Triangle Grid Paper pdfNumber and Operation in Base Ten pdf4.NBT.1 Rule Example pdf4.NBT.2 More or Less Game pdf4.NBT.2 Number Mix Up Recording Sheet pdf4.NBT.4 Magic Number Recording Sheet pdf4.NBT.4 Subtraction Dance Recording Sheet pdf4.NBT.4 Subtraction Recording Sheet pdf4.NBT.5 NBT4 Example pdf4.NBT.5 Birthday Bash Student Sheet pdf4.NBT.5 Distributive Property Example pdf4.NBT.5 Multiplying Multi-digit Numbers Recording Sheet pdf4.NBT.5 State Fair Problems pdf4.NBT.6 Oh No Leftovers Recording Sheet pdf4.NBT.6 Partial Quotients sheet pdfNumber and Operations - Fractions pdf4.NF.1 Equivalent Fractions Examples and Questions pdf4.NF.2 Developing Conceptual Thought Patterns pdf4.NF.6 Decimal Fraction Table pdfMeasurement and Data pdf4.MD.1 Capacity Lab Graph pdf4.MD.1 Capacity Lab worksheet pdf4.MD.1 Comparing Capacity Table pdf4.MD.1 Comparing Cup Capacity Lab pdf4.MD.2 Helping Around the House pdf4.MD.2 Its About Time worksheet pdf4.MD.2 Complete Me Questions pdf4.MD.2 Discovery Stations worksheet pdf4.MD.2 DiscoveryLabSIGNS pdf4.MD.2 RadioTransmission1 pdf4.MD.2 RadioTransmission2 pdf4.MD.2 RadioTransmission3 pdf4.MD.2 Real World Time problems pdf4.MD.2 Surprise Birthday Party worksheet pdf4.MD.2 Using Tape Diagrams example pdf4.MD.2 Whats In An Ounce worksheet pdf4.MD.2 Zygo Cards KEY pdf4.MD.2 Zygo Cards pdf4.MD.3 Area and Perimeter worksheet pdf4.MD.3 Measure It worksheet pdf4.MD.4 Fraction Action Cards pdf4.MD.4 Intro Line Up worksheet pdf4.MD.5 Angles in a Clock pdf4.MD.5a Acute Right or Obtuse Angles worksheet pdf4.MD.5a Measuring a Circle pdf4.MD.5b The Sprinkler worksheet pdf4.MD.6 Drawing Angles worksheet pdf4.MD.6 Pizza Angles worksheet pdf4.MD.7 Complimentary Angles worksheet pdf4.MD.7 Unknown Angles worksheet pdfLine Up worksheet pdfGeometry pdf4.G.1 Acute Right Obtuse worksheet pdf4.G.1 Parallel or Perpindicular Alphabet worksheet pdf4.G.2 Properties of Shapes worksheet pdf4.G.2 Triangles Angles and Line Review worksheet pdf8 Mathematical Practices