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Legislation adding vapor products to the 24/7 Tobacco-Free Schools Act goes into effect July 1

A law that adds vapor products to the list of tobacco products prohibited at public schools  takes effect July 1.

Governor Stitt signed a bill into law in April that adds vapor products to the 24/7 Tobacco-Free Schools Act that bans tobacco and vapor products at any Oklahoma educational facility, in school vehicles and at any school-sponsored or school-sanctioned event or activity. This is a huge step forward in protecting Oklahoma kids from the pervasive use of vapor products, e-cigarettes and Juul devices.

The 24/7 tobacco-free and vapor free law creates an environment that supports healthy and safe choices for Oklahoma’s children. Adults play an important role in modeling behavior and when children see adults using tobacco or vapor products it sends the wrong message.

E-cigarette use has grown dramatically in the last five years and are the most commonly used tobacco product among U.S. middle and high school students and in Oklahoma alone, 16.4 percent or 1 in 6 high school students use e-cigarettes, compared to 13.2 percent nationally.

This new law supports TSET’s efforts to work with school districts across the state to put voluntary policies in place and provide education on the dangers of vaping.

TSET’s program Tobacco Stops With Me currently offers resources and education about the harms of flavored tobacco and vaping devices. TSET also funds the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline at 1-800-QUIT NOW, a FREE service available 24/7 to all Oklahomans.













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